Desert Wildflower Report-3-13-2017, Amboy Crater

The area around Amboy Crater has burst into bloom with Hairy Desert Sunflower, Desert Five-Spot, Rock Gilia and Narrow Leaved Cryptantha and the ever-present Clavate Fruited Primrose. It was a nice to find Small Leaf Nama, a plant that is not all that common in many areas but is not considered rare. It was rather abundant in this area. There were many small seedlings of Hairy Desert Sunflower so this area will be much more colorful in the next week or two.

Desert Five Spot at Amboy Crater Hairy Desert Sunflower with Amboy Crater in background Small Leaf Nama growing in sandy areas between lava flows Rock Gilia at Amboy Crater

Species observed were:

  • Hairy Desert Sunflower
  • Desert Five Spot
  • Creosote Bush
  • Rock Gilia
  • Small Leaf Nama
  • Clavate Fruited Primrose
  • Desert Plantain
  • Narrow Leaved Cryptantha
  • Coville's Poppy