Desert Wildflower Report-3-13-2017, Black Eagle Mine Rd, Joshua Tree

The sandy basins along Black Eagle Mine Rd. in Joshua Tree National Park are a wonderful place to find abundant blooms in years with good rainfall. This area had burst into color and walking around revealed a good number of species. It is approximately 3,500 ft. in elevation so it was still a little early and not yet peak bloom. However, there were many Parish's Poppies  along with some Desert Bluebells. White-Stemmed Stickleaf seedlings were plentiful and many were in flower. We found two vine-like plants, Desert Starvine and Twining Snapdragon in the area, and both were in bloom. Purple Mat was visible throughout the flats, and Clavate Fruited Primrose were scattered about. Seedlings of Bigelow's Monkeyflower were beginning to emerge. A few scattered Star Gilia were growing along embankments. Common Phacelia lent a lavender shade to the areas surrounding shrubs. The rare Hall's Purple Bush was also present and in bloom. This area should be much more colorful within a week or 10 days.

A relatively short drive southward brought us to Cottonwood Wash at the southern border of the Park. This is where it was all happening! Dense areas of Chia were at the base of the Cottonwood Mountains and clusters of Coulter's Lupine were scattered around. The bajadas were very heavy with Arizona Lupine and Parish's Poppies, and there were barely any open areas to walk through for photographs without trampling some blossoms. It was absolutely gorgeous. Also blooming were Wingnut Cryptantha, some large patches of Desert Dandelion, Pinnate Leaved Primrose and various Cryptantha. There are many Brittlebush in the area but none were blooming yet, but they did have buds so it won't be long. This area was at or very near peak bloom for the early annuals.

Parish's Poppies in near Black Eagle Mine Rd, Joshua Tree Desert Starvine creeping along shrubs in Joshua Tree National Park Coulter's Lupine at the mouth of Cottonwood Canyon, Joshua Tree Pretty yellow Tangled Snapdragon near Black Eagle Mine Rd., Joshua Tree Seedling of Bigelow's Monkeyflower in southern Joshua Tree Bunches of Chia just outside Cottonwood Canyon, Joshua Tree Stem of Hall's Purple Bush in bloom on Black Eagle Mine Rd., Joshua Tree White Stemmed Blazing Star on Black Eagle Mine Rd. Arizona Lupine and Parish's Poppies in southernmost Joshua Tree National Park Star Gilia along Black Eagle Mine Rd. in Joshua Tree

Species in bud or bloom in these two areas were:

  • Parish's Poppy
  • Arizona Lupine
  • Chia
  • Desert Bluebells
  • White Stemmed Stickleaf
  • Desert Starvine
  • Twining Snapdragon
  • Hall's Purple Bush
  • Coulter's Lupine
  • Narrow Leaved Cryptantha
  • Wingnut Cryptantha
  • Bigelow's Monkeyflower
  • Clavate Fruited Primrose
  • Desert Dandelion
  • Common Phacelia
  • Strigose Lotus
  • Star Gilia
  • Trailing Windmills
  • Kidney Leaf Buckwheat
  • Sand Blazing Star