Desert Wildflower Report-3-14-2017, Box Canyon Rd.

The bloom on Box Canyon Rd. had amplified in the few weeks since I had last visited. Just south of Joshua Tree along the flat portion of the road, specimens of Notch Leaved Phacelia were super-sized--larger than I had ever seen them before at almost 3 ft. tall. Very impressive to see what a year of good rain can do! Parachute plants that are often on the tall side were nearly 5 ft. The Brittlebush buds were just starting to open in some places and fully in bloom in others. Jones Linanthus were found on gentle sandy slopes just below Joshua Tree National Park. Sand Blazing Star was plentiful along the sides of the northeastern portion of the road. In the canyon, Thick Leaved Ground Cherry, Wand Holdback and Desert Fir were blooming. The Arizona Lupine that was blooming profusely a few weeks earlier were even more dense, although the hot weather was causing them to start to wither. This area was at peak bloom for most annuals, but certainly some perennial shrubs, cacti and shade-loving plants have yet to show any color.

Brittlebush along Box Canyon Rd. Sand Blazing Star growing in gravelly embankments Jones Linanthus just south of Joshua Tree National Park Huge speciment of Notch Leaved Phacelia with sunglasses for scale Very tall Parachute plant on Box Canyon Rd. Wand Holdback in Box Canyon Common Phacelia in a shady part of Box Canyon Bigelow's Monkeyflower blooming in Box Canyon Desert Fir blooming in deep sand of Box Canyon Chuparosa and Cheesebush on the upper portion of Box Canyon Rd.

Plants blooming or budding were:

  • Arizona Lupine
  • Beavertail Cactus
  • Bigelow's Monkeyflower
  • Brittlebush
  • Broad Leaved Gilia
  • Cheesebush
  • Chuparosa
  • Common Phacelia
  • Desert Fir
  • Desert Plantain
  • Ghost Flower
  • Jones Linanthus
  • Narrow Leaved Primrose
  • Notch Leaved Phacelia
  • Parachute Plant
  • Rock Daisy
  • Sand Blazing Star
  • Shining Blazing Star
  • Thick Leaved Ground Cherry
  • Wand Holdback