Desert Wildflower Report-3-15-2017, Cactus City

The dirt road along the Colorado River Aqueduct near Cactus City was a new area for me, and I figured out quickly why it was called Cactus City. It is densely populated with Beavertail Cactus Teddy Bear Cholla and California Barrels in very rough deposits of talus. The Beavertail were all in bloom, bright pink splotches of color everywhere. Most of the hillside was covered with Parish's Poppy, lending a yellow swath of color as a backdrop for the pink. Rock Hibiscus was sprawling among the large rocks along with Rock Daisy. Rush Milkweed also grew along the road. The poppies in this area may fade but there were buds on shrubs and the Ocotillo so it will likely continue to be good for a few weeks.

Beavertail cactus and Parish's Poppy near Cactus City Parish's Poppy and Ocotillo near Interstate 10 east of Indio Rock Hibiscus with bee east of Indio Wash with Notch Leaved Phacelia and Brittlebush near Cactus City Rush Milkweed east of Indio Closeup of Rush Milkweed near Cactus City

These are the plants found:

  • Parish's Poppy
  • Beavertail Cactus
  • Rock Hibiscus
  • Rock Daisy
  • Rush Milkweed
  • Brittlebush
  • Notch Leaved Phacelia
  • Ocotillo