Desert Wildflower Report-3-18-2017, Antelope Valley

The sandy flats around Saddleback Butte State Park near Lake Los Angeles and near Rosamond were starting to show some wide swaths of yellow from Yellow Peppergrass. Other species found in the Antelope Valley were Freckled Milkvetch, many specimens of Fremont Phacelia in white, none in their usual lavender color. Little Gilia were flowering and the rare Alkali Mariposa Lily was in bud. Must return to the area to see the Mariposa Lily in bloom as well as other blossoms when the bloom is near its peak in two or three weeks.

Species observed were:

Freckled Milkvetch near Rosamond Alkali Mariposa Lily in bud in the Antelope Valley Yellow Peppergrass near Saddleback Butte State Park Fremont Phacelia in white morph in the Antelope Valley Little Gilia at Rosamond in the Antelope Valley

  • Alkali Mariposa Lily
  • Fremont Phacelia (white morph)
  • Yellow Peppergrass
  • Alkali Mariposa Lily
  • Freckled Milkvetch
  • Little Gilia