Townsend Stith Brandegee

(1843-1925) - Townshend Stith Brandegee was born in Connecticut in 1843. He graduated from Yale in engineering, but became interested in botany after attending classes with Daniel Cady Eaton. He moved to Colorado to become an engineer but collected and studied plants in his spare time. He became acquainted with Asa Gray who suggested that he join a survey of southwest Colorado and Utah. He was hired as a railroad surveyor in New Mexico and collected plants at the same time. He visited the Channel Islands and did field studies, then moved to San Francisco, where he became a member of the California Academy of Sciences. He studied in the Bay Area but also traveled to Baja California to botanize.

He married fellow botanist Katherine Layne Curran in 1899 in San Diego. Their honeymoon was spent walking and collecting from San Diego to San Francisco. He continued studying the flora of Mexico and wrote a 12-volume work called <em>Plantae Mexicane Purpusianae, </em>completed in 1906. He died in 1925.

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