Asteraceae (Sunflower Family)

Characteristics of the Asteraceae (Sunflower) family

  • Herbaceous usually
  • Leaves variable, with pinnate venation
  • Inflorescence a head (capitulum) with many flowers, with involucral bracts surrounding it
  • Flowers small, either tubular or tongue-shaped (ligulate)
  • Sepals absent „
  • Petals fused, usually with 5 small lobes
  • Anthers fused into a ring around style
  • Ovary inferior
  • Fruit a dry nut (achene), often with hairs on top (pappus)
Associated Plants
Acton Encelia Douglas Dustymaiden Pebble Pincushion
Alkali Goldenbush Dwarf Cottonrose Pink Perezia
Annual Bristleweed Dwarf Thistle Pinyon Brickellia
Annual Burweed Emory's Rock Daisy Pore-Leaf
Annual Turtleback Fiveneedle Pricklyleaf Pringle's Woolly Sunflower
Arizona Four Nerve Daisy Fragrant Snakeroot Rayless Goldenhead
Arrow Weed Fremont Pincushion Red Rock Tarplant
Baretwig Netstraw Fremont's Gold Rose Heath
Barstow Woolly Sunflower Golden Yarrow Rubber Rabbitbrush
Beautiful Woolly Sunflower Gravel Ghost Scale Broom
Bigelow's Tickseed Green Rabbitbrush Scale Bud
Bighead Dustymaiden Green's Rabbitbrush Showy Sunflower
Brewer's Fleabane Hairy Daisy Shrubby Ragwort
Brittlebush Hairy Desert Sunflower Silver Lakes Daisy
Burrobush Hoary Aster Silver Puffs
Button Brittlebush Hole in the Sand Plant Silverleaf Sunray
California Brickellbush Keysia Small Desert Star
California Chicory Laxflower Small Wirelettuce
California Dandelion Leafy Daisy Snake's Head
California Goldfields Leafy Stemmed Coreopsis Spanish Needles
California Spear-Leaved Brickellia Linear Leaved Goldenbush Spreading Fleabane
California Tickseed Lobeleaf Groundsel Sticky Snakeweed
Carveseed Long Spined Cottonthorn Stickyleaf Rabbitbrush
Cheesebush Long-Leaved Brickellia Sweetbush
Chinchweed Longflower Rabbitbrush Trixis
Cliff Goldenbush Mecca Aster Velvet Rosette
Common Snakeweed Mojave Aster Virgin River Brittlebush
Cooper's Dyssodia Mojave Cottonthorn Wallace's Woolly Daisy
Cooper's Goldenbush Mojave Groundsel White Easter Bonnet
Cooper's Goldflower Mojave Rabbitbrush White Flowered Rabbitbrush
Cooper's Paper Daisy Mojave Thistle White Tack-Stem
Cottonbatting Plant Mule Fat White Tidy Tips
Desert Baccharis Naked Stemmed Daisy Wild Tarragon
Desert Brickellbush Nakedstem Sunray Willow Baccharis
Desert Chicory Needle Goldfields Wire Lettuce
Desert Dandelion Net Veined Viguiera Woolly Brickellia
Desert Fir Nevada Broomsage Woolly Bursage
Desert Hoary Aster Orcutt's Woody Aster Woolly Desert Marigold
Desert Marigold Panamint Daisy Xantus Pincushion
Desert Pincushion Panamint Rock Goldenrod Yellow Head
Desert Star Parish's Fleabane Yellow Pincushion
Desert Thistle Parish's Viguiera Yellow Tackstem
Douglas Coreopsis Parry Rock-Pink