Poaceae (Grass Family)

Characteristics of the Poaceae (Grassfamily

  • Herbaceous or seldom woody
  • Stems often rhizomatous and/or with erect culms (shoots)
  • Stems round, hollow, with nodes
  • Leaves linear, with parallel venation, sheathing, with ligule at top of sheath
  • Inflorescences with terminal and axillary spikelets, subtended by bracts (glumes)
  • Flowers without sepals and petals
  • Spike (awn) often present on bracts
  • Stamens and ovary hidden inside bracts, called palea and lemma
  • When flowering, styles and anthers hanging out from spikelets
  • Stamens 3
  • Style often branched and plumose (feather-like)
  • Fruit a one-seeded nut (caryopsis)
Associated Plants