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Desert Wildflower Report-2-22-2017-Desert Lily Preserve

Desert Lily about to bloom at the Desert Lily Preserve
Arizona Lupine in the Chuckwalla Valley
Spectacle Pod at the Desert Lily Preserve

Desert Lilies are sprouting just about everywhere at the Desert Lily Preserve in the Chuckwalla Valley east of Joshua Tree National Park. Entering through the preserve gate, walk to the south where the substrate is sandy, which is conducive to growth of these beautiful plants. They were not yet in bloom but many were very close. Other flowers were starting to flower as well. This is what is blooming (or almost) now:

Desert Wildflower Report-2-22-2017-Sheephole Valley Wilderness

Desert Chicory at Sheephole Valley Wilderness
Long Beaked Twist Flower at Sheephole Valley Wilderness
Strigose Lotus in northeastern Joshua Tree National Park

Moving farther south improved the number of species I saw in bloom. Heading east on Highway 62 from 29 Palms, there were a number of species flowering at the southern edge of the Sheephole Valley Wilderness and northeastern perimeter of Joshua Tree National Park. Some of those were:

Desert Wildflower Report-2-22-2017-Mojave Trails National Monument

Arizona Lupine at Mojave Trails National Monument
Desert Lavender at Sheephole Pass, Mojave Trails
Desert Starvine at Mojave Trails National Monument

I was excited to see a new sign for Mojave Trails National Monument at the entrance to a dirt road near Sheephole Pass on Amboy Rd. Cadiz Valley has germination everywhere and was very green. Shrubs have new growth and a few isolate flowers had emerged from some of the seedlings. Looking great for the middle or end of March! Some of the species in bloom were:

Desert Wildflower Report-2-21-2017-Mojave National Preserve-Kelbaker Rd.

Bladderpod along Kelbaker Rd. south of the Mojave National Preserve
Turpentine Broom near the Granite Mountains
Rayless Encelia south of the Mojave National Preserve

The Mojave National Preserve has barely begun to germinate, but there are seedlings under the shrubs and it should improve with warmer weather. It was quite chilly on this day. Farther south outside of the Preserve, one can see a wealth of green but only a few plants had begun to bloom. Late March and early to mid-April should be a different story! The few species in bloom were:

Desert Wildflower Report-2-21-2017-Salt Creek ACEC

Peirson's Browneyes at Salt Creek ACEC 2/21/17
Pinnate Leaved Primrose in southern Death Valley 2/21/17
Ives Phacelia at Salt Creek ACEC 2/21/17

Southern Death Valley National Park and the surrounding area has good germination and is beginning to bloom, including the Salt Creek Area of Critical Environmental Concern. Indistinguishable tiny sprouts are spread across the landscape. Clouds were overhead and temperatures are low, which will help keep seedlings from burning out too quickly. When temperatures warm, there should be many more flowers. The following plants were blooming: