Coso Range Wilderness

The Coso Range Wilderness is situated between Sequoia National park to the west and Death Valley National Park to the east. It can be accessed from Highway 190 off of U.S. Route 395, south of Lone Pine and east of Panamint Springs. This is an infrequently traveled area with wide open desert skies. The Wilderness encompasses nearly 50,000 acres and is managed by the BLM. You can find dense stands of Joshua Trees at Joshua Flat, as well as sage communities and Pinyons in this area of the northern end of the Coso Range. The intense coloration of Vermillion Canyon is an attraction, and Centennial Canyon has wonderful examples of early Native American habitation.

Native plants include Mariposa Lily, Mojave Thistle, Apricot Mallow, Mojave Aster and Beavertail cacti. Many fossils can be found in this area of very special vertebrate fossils around 4 million years old. Fossils of the "Hagerman Horse" (Equus simplicidens) has been discovered in the Coso Range and is possibly the earliest animal known in the genus Equus (which includes the modern horse we know today).


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