Sheephole Valley Wilderness

Sheephole Valley Wilderness is a very large area (194,000 acres) just north of Joshua Tree National Park in California. Much less visted that its southern counterpart, it has now become part of the new Mojave Trails National Monument. It is about 1800ft. - 3700 ft, resulting in a mix of lower and higher desert flora.

Special habitats including dunes and salt marshes can be found here and some rare plants therefore inhabit the areas. Borrego Milkvetch can be found in the dune areas and the California Native Plant Society has designated them as rare and endangered in California. Inkweed, Salt bushes and Pickleweed can be found around the salt marshes. These plants demonstrate some amazing abilities to handle high-salt and high heat environments such as extruding salt onto their leaves, which sometimes give them a silvery-white appearance. The salt probably even reflects some of the solar radiation.

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