California Brickellbush

Common Names:
California Brickellbush, California Brickellia , Brickell Bush
Scientific name:
Brickellia californica
Subspecies | Variants:
Brickellia californica var. jepsonii
Brickellia californica var. tenera, Brickellia wrightii var. tenera, Bulbostylis californica
Elevation range:
0 to 8,500 ft
Flowering Months:
August, September, October, November
Life Cycle | Lifeform:
Ancestral Usage:
State Occurrences:
Desert region:
Chihuahuan, Great Basin, Mojave, Sonoran

California Brickellbush 1

California Brickellbush in the desert

Brickellia californica glandular leaves with serrated edges. Joshua Tree National Park | April 2015