Curvenut Combseed

Common Names:
Curvenut Combseed, Arch Nutted Comb Bur
Scientific name:
Pectocarya recurvata
Elevation range:
250 to 4,800 ft
Flowering Months:
February, March, April, May
Life Cycle | Lifeform:
Belly flower (very small)
State Occurrences:
Desert region:
Chihuahuan, Great Basin, Mojave, Sonoran

Curvenut Combseed 1

Curvenut Combseed in the desert

This Pectocarya recurvata is using Brittle Spineflower as a nurse plant, but it appears in the middle right of this photo. Fruit is small recurved toothed nutlet creamy white color. Mojave National Preserve | April 2014