Mojave Thistle

Common Names:
Mojave Thistle
Scientific name:
Cirsium mohavense
Cirsium virginense
Elevation range:
1,400 - 7,000 ft.
Flowering Months:
July, August, September, October
Height | Length:
<8 ft.
Life Cycle | Lifeform:
Attracts native bees, Food for insects & larvae, Attracts butterflies
Ancestral Usage:
State Occurrences:
Nevada National Heritage Program:
Watch List
Desert region:
Mojave, Sonoran

Mojave Thistle 2

Mojave Thistle in the desert

Cirsium mohavense is a perennial that grows to a height of about 8 ft. It has spiny, lobed leaves and a woolly stem. The inflorescence has spiny phyllaries with pink flowers (not shown). Joshua Tree National Park | April 2015