Palm Springs Cryptantha

Common Names:
Palm Springs Cryptantha
Scientific name:
Cryptantha barbigera var. fergusoniae
Elevation range:
35 to 5380 ft
Flowering Months:
March, April, May
Life Cycle | Lifeform:
Pollinator or food source for:
Belly flower (very small)
State Occurrences:
Desert region:

Bearded Cryptantha 1

Bearded Cryptantha in the desert

It is sometimes difficult to distinguish one Cryptantha species from another.  Cryptantha barbigera is identified partially by the width of its leaves at the stem, which can be up to 1/2 in. wide.  Joshua Tree National Park | April 2014

Bearded Cryptantha 2

Bearded Cryptantha in the desert

Cryptantha barbigera backlit by the late afternoon sun. Mission Creek Preserve, CA | March 2015

Bearded Cryptantha

Bearded Cryptantha in the desert

Cryptantha barbigera is an annual herb with lance-shaped dark green hairy leaves. The sepals that enclose the flower are dense with bristles, and the flower has 4 white petals with yellow at their base. Pipes Canyon | March 2016