Reveals Buckwheat

Common Names:
Reveals Buckwheat, Reveal's buckwheat
Scientific name:
Eriogonum contiguum
Eriogonum inflatum var. contiguum
Elevation range:
460 to 2920 ft
Flowering Months:
March, April, May
Height | Length:
< 12 in.
Life Cycle | Lifeform:
State Occurrences:
Parks & Preserves:
California Rare Plant Rank:
2B.3--Rare, Threatened, Endangered in CA/common elsewhere
Desert region:
Great Basin, Mojave

Reveals Buckwheat 1

Reveals Buckwheat in the desert

Eriogonum contiguum is an annual herb with a basal rosette of rounded, hairy leaves. The stem is erect and inflated near the joints. Flowers (not shown) are tiny and light yellow hanging from hairy threads. Death Valley National Park | February 2013