White Easter Bonnet

Common Names:
White Easter Bonnet, White Woolly Daisy
Scientific name:
Eriophyllum lanosum
Antheropeas lanosum
Elevation range:
<4,400 ft.
Flowering Months:
February, March, April, May
Height | Length:
1-6 in.
Life Cycle | Lifeform:
Pollinator or food source for:
Belly flower (very small)
State Occurrences:
Desert region:
Chihuahuan, Mojave, Sonoran

White Easter Bonnet 3

White Easter Bonnet in the desert

Eriophyllum lanosum is a short, erect annual plant with bright white ray flowers and orange disk florets. It grows to about 4 inches tall. Both stem and narrowly linear leaves are woolly with soft hairs. Mojave National Preserve | April 2014