Parks & Preserves

Here is a list of some of the national parks, state parks, preserves and wilderness areas found within the state.

Standing prominently above the rest of the terrain in southern Arizona,...

The Tonto National Monument can be found east of Phoenix, AZ and sports two...

Pipe Spring National Monument can be found in the northwest corner of...

Tuzigoot National Monument can be found near Sedona north of Phoenix, AZ. It...

Saguaro National Park is a very large park split into two sections - west...

At approximately 3600 acres, Walnut Canyon National Monument can be found...

The 60,000 acre South Maricopa Mountains Wilderness can be found south of...

The White Canyon Wilderness Area can be found in southeast Arizona southeast...

The Sunset Crater National Monument is spectacular and only a short hop to...

Wupatki National Monument is located just north of Flagstaff, AZ. Wupatki is...

Associated Plants

Below is a list of desert plants that are known to occur in the state. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list.

Bearded Cryptantha
Cryptantha barbigera
Bearded Cryptantha in the desert
Coleogyne ramosissima
Blackbrush shrub in the desert
Beautiful Rockcress
Boechera pulchra
Beautiful Rockcress wildflower in the desert
Peritoma arborea
Bladderpod shrub in the desert
Beavertail Cactus
Opuntia basilaris
Beavertail Cactus plant in the desert
Blue Palo Verde
Parkinsonia florida
Blue Paloverde in the desert
Big Galleta
Hilaria rigida
Big Galleta grass in the desert
Booth's Sun Cup
Eremothera boothii
Booth's Sun Cup wildflower in the desert
Bigelow's Monkeyflower
Mimulus bigelovii
Bigelow's Monkeyflower wildflower in the desert
Borrego Milkvetch
Astragalus lentiginosus var. borreganus
Borrego Milkvetch wildflower in the desert
Birdfoot Fern
Pellaea mucronata
Birdfoot Fern in the desert
Bristly Nama
Nama hispidum
Bristly Nama wildflower in the desert