Parks & Preserves

Here is a list of some of the national parks, state parks, preserves and wilderness areas found within the state.

At over 12,000 acres, the Big Rocks Wilderness can be found north of Las...

You can find the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge in the southeast part...

Cathedral Gorge State Park can be found in southeast Nevada, northeast of...

Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area is found just south of Las Vegas in...

Great Basin National Park can be found in the far east of Nevada and...

The beautiful Valley of Fire State Park can be found in the far southeast of...

The Mt. Irish Wilderness can be found in southeast Nevada, north of Las...

Located in the southeast of Nevada, the 30,000 acre Worthington Mountains...

Associated Plants

Below is a list of desert plants that are known to occur in the state. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list.

Acton Encelia
Encelia actoni
Acton Encelia wildflower in the desert
Apricot Mallow
Sphaeralcea ambigua var. ambigua
Apricot Mallow wildflower in the desert
Amsonia tomentosa
Amsonia wildflower in the desert
Arizona Lupine
Lupinus arizonicus
Arizona Lupine wildflower in the desert
Anderson's Desert Thorn
Lycium andersonii
Anderson's Desert Thorn plant in the desert
Arrow Weed
Pluchea sericea
Arrow Weed plant in the desert
Annual Burweed
Ambrosia acanthicarpa
Annual Bursage in the desert
Arroyo Willow
Salix lasiolepis
Arroyo Willow tree in the desert
Antelope Bitterbrush
Purshia tridentata
Antelope Bitterbrush shrub in the desert
Baby Blue Eyes
Nemophila menziesii
Baby Blue Eyes wildflower in the desert
Apache Plume
Fallugia paradoxa
Apache Plume wildflower in the desert
Bajada Lupine
Lupinus concinnus
Bajada Lupine wildflower in the desert