Ericaceae (Heath Family)

Characteristics of the Ericaceae (Heath) family

  • Shrubs or small trees, sometimes herbs (some species mycotrophic and without chlorophyll)
  • Leaves simple, without stipules; often leathery and evergreen
  • Flowers actinomorphic (arely bilateral), often hanging (A)
  • Petals 5 (rarely 0-7), fused
  • Stamens in two whorls, 5+5 (rarely less), attached to petals
  • Anthers inverted (bent upside down during development), often with pores as openings
  • With nectary disk inside stamens
  • Ovary superior or inferior, usually with 5 carpels
  • Style single „
  • Fruit a capsule, berry, or drupe
Associated Plants