Boraginaceae (Borage Family)

Characteristics of the ​Boraginaceae (Boragefamily

  • Herbs with stiff hairs
  • Leaves alternate, simple
  • Inflorescence a scorpioid or helicoid cyme
  • Flowers sympetalous, actinomorphic, 5-merous
  • Corolla often pink as young, then blue or purple
  • Anthers attached to corolla
  • Ovary superior, 2-carpellate, 4 locules
  • Style 1, attached to base of ovary, in center
  • Fruit a schizocarp with 4 nutlets
Associated Plants
Alkali Phacelia Fanleaf Crinklemat Parry's Phacelia
Arizona Popcorn Flower Fremont Phacelia Peirson's Phacelia
Aven Nelson's Phacelia Gravel Cryptantha Purple Bell Phacelia
Baby Blue Eyes Guadelupe Cryptantha Purple Root Cryptantha
Barneby's Phacelia Hairy Yerba Santa Ribbed Cryptantha
Basin Yellow Cryptantha Hairy-Leaved Comb-Bur Roughseed Cryptantha
Bearded Cryptantha Heliotrope Round Leafed Phacelia
Broadfruit Combseed Hiddenflower Phacelia Scented Cryptantha
Bush Loving Cryptantha Hoffman's Cryptantha Sky Blue Phacelia
Bushy Cryptantha Ives Phacelia Slender Combseed
Caltha Leafed Phacelia Jaeger's Panamint Phacelia Slender Cryptantha
Charlotte's Phacelia Lemmon's Phacelia Specter Phacelia
Checker Fiddleneck Mojave Cryptantha Tansy Leafed Phacelia
Chuckwalla Combseed Mojave Phacelia Thick Leafed Phacelia
Clokey's Cryptantha Mojave Popcorn Flower Thick Leaved Yerba Santa
Common Cryptantha Moth Combseed Twocolor Phacelia
Common Eucrypta Mountain Red Root Cryptantha Valley Popcorn Flower
Common Phacelia Narrow Leaved Cryptantha Virgin River Cryptantha
Curve Nut Cryptantha Nevada Forget Me Not Washoe Phacelia
Curvenut Combseed New York Mountains Cryptantha Weasel Phacelia
Cushion Cryptantha Notch Leaved Phacelia Western Forget Me Not
Death Valley Phacelia Palm Springs Cryptantha Whispering Bells
Desert Bluebells Palmer's Crinklemat White Fiesta Flower
Desert Cryptantha Panamint Cryptantha Winged Combseed
Desert Eucrypta Parish's Phacelia Winged Cryptantha
Desert Popcorn Flower Parish's Popcorn Flower Wingnut Cryptantha
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